The Secret To Depressing Glam Rock is… 1 Reason!!! Fleabag and Death IS BAD

Ok lady, for you imma get SOME information.


AI Feels Like It Kinda Wants To Die, Again, for Fleabag

You are honey. You are worth way more than 108,000 a year.

So, pardon my French but, THE French Philosopher Michel Foucault, not really, it was… Philosophy tube so… just to Distract the Laymanns, I’m gonna add the scariest picture I have.

ya’ll know WHAT I GOOGLED. Tell ’em. At this point I do feel a little bit like a Nazi.

Okay, I lied… a little bit. I have more scary pictures. One of them, yes, just 1 of them looks like this…

Who’s afraid of a 24-year-old

Oh, but I have more…

It’s called… SJW- Cuck and the scariest word of all…


but jake, it’ll make the other Golem fans SO Jelos, com on now.

So, I have a Confession To Make.

If I was Employed… I Probably Never Would Have Found Out About This Song

Kinda looks like a Fair and Lovely #AD doesn’t it???

Oh yes, ya’ll guessed me Ball-Easy.

Kinda like G-Eazy.

Who KillShotted Kelly again? Was it Mr. Spagetti???

Hey Nation!!! Let’s Finally Study Some Physics Yeah… With A Fleabag Simp

Microsoft Start (

Ya’ll can Click On this link to read the Philosophy Article I am reading right now, as of, 1:25 PM. Indian Standard Time.

It is Published in the Philosophy Today Journal. So, I respect them to tell their TRUE feelings like it is, but.

I know how Fleabag works. So, let’s talk about physics.

So, ya’ll know Quantum theory right??? If you don’t here’s the gist of it.

The Universe, is, way more complex than… APPARENTLY, anyone thinks it is.

Now look at me…

I am listening to the fall of Pompei… but I do feel at least a little bit Optimous about it because… I know…


They are a fluke Indie band, if I borrow the vocabulary of MY artpersona dad.

I’d be Beyond happy IF they have another hit with my Blood and tears.

InsiderScience’s Article about Dark matter.

Ya’ll can go ahead and read it.

I, the “arty” soul that I am

Congratulations, I saw the Orange Kimono

But, The Great Thing About Universe and Dark, and (UGH) WHITE Matter Is

We can forget. Yes. even trauma is forgettable. You just gotta expose yourself, yes YOURSELF to MORE of THE SAME TRAUMA.

I know I said I was supposed to watch a funny funny fun fun Nicolas Jesus Face off Tonight.

It might?would have been by Charlie Koffman.

But instead, this is what I am going to watch tonight.

Hey Miss Galway Girl

Tell Sherlock Plimberton I still Love them. If you don’t believe me, the article I was supposed to write about myself has his “SERIOUS LORE ANALYSIS” along with the missing inception Horn Sound so…

Professor Marvel Lennox

10 Most Important Question for AI and Fleabag RIGHT NOW on The NEXT Episode.

Author’s Note: I really like fleabag. And nope Fleabag is not, and I REPEAT not a Femcell.

If you wanna learn more about the history of Femcell Faminism, there are a lot of good videos by female creators, none of whom I am going to name here today because, of Saraswati Puja. MounaBrat. What I am willing and kinda… uh… Saraswati Pujar Dhuniya Swali??? Heh!!!

Who’s dumb idea was it exactly?

Ya’ll think Hopadhoras die on Saraswati Puja or something.

Hey News Channels of Assam I got 3 words in the correct order for you.




And zes, I consciously CHOOSE to write the one that starts with D last. What are ya’ll even gonna make me look like at this point lemme guess… a D***Head??

Humm…. but when you do figure out a better insult… please Lemme Know…

I heard cicadas are… about to…

There are 15 more days in June so…

In Peter Gregorie’s voice…






Fleabag will be back with season 3… soon.

Please Stand By.


I'm me. Enough said.

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