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Design and Inspiration

David Wynn (They/Them)

The guy in the picture is a pop icon. Shame. If you actually think that’s me *scoff* Shame.

Writing and Editing

David Wynn (Tee, the Tea Euphamist) (She/Her)

*Muffled* Wh.a.f? I’m fi.i.fin.g. Fits… Fanwicf


David Wynn (Eath the Exam Guy) (He/Him)

Don’t tell him, but Tee has had a crush on him ever since they met in high school.

Marketing and Sales

NOBODY. Ya’ll kids can’t sell Shit. So, ya’ll are fired. CIT Kokrajhar, I’ve decided my sins are washed. Thanks for all the support though, ya’ll have been absolutely useless. Pre-Kharagpur Batch. Your services won’t be needed anymore.

This is a BLOG for personal expression. Read at your own risk. Except for George Michael Bluth, Who officially is SUPERMAN now.

~David Wynn (They/Them)

Support and Care

Trishna/David (They/Them)

Any kindness is beyond appreciated. I’m beyond broke now so… Let’s hear it for New York, and 2024.

Guest Writer

John Doe

Origin: Monster (Anime)

Ethnicity: Turkish


Recommended Listens

Inside by Bo Burnham.