Is Beyonce’s Break My Soul About the Making of Lion King?


No, I didn’t watch it, but, yeah. Fun event. Seems really fun.

Harry won Album of the year.

And Lizzo won too. That’s good. I just looked through the GRAMMY winners list on Google.

Okay, I’m lying, I just watched Todd in the Shadows’ Grammy Podcast.

Oh yeah, I’m a fan.

Here is the full podcast if you wanna listen to it.

For those who don’t know, it’s a podcast YouTuber Todd in the Shadows hosts with Alina Morgan, according to Google’s top search results. You should watch it, I find Todd very funny and I kind of would like to be adopted by him and I’ve been actively APPLYING for the past couple of DAYS, through… Twitter. Yeah. I need support to sign up to his Patreon, so if anybody can give him the message, I’d

Nah just kidding. I mean, I’m a big fan and if Todd even needs somebody to fake call him for a video, I’ll actually do it for exposure. I normally… Ugh, yeah, I used to be a content bot once, long story… later… but for now


I’ve been listening to Break My Soul last couple of days while I try to learn how to code.

Bad idea.

Not listening to Break My Soul, learning how to Code.

I gave up and just gave in to Hostinger. It’s been a day so I’ll update later, or ya’ll can watch what happens to my site by liking, commenting, and… ehhh

So let’s Get To it. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT

Is Beyonce’s Break My Soul About the Making of Lion King?

I’ll assume that ya’ll have watched Adum’s Lion King Video.



YMS: Lion King Video

It’ 2 hours but it’s quite informative. I learned a lot of new information there. I mean, I didn’t just watch it, again and again, to hear Adum scream JoHn!!!

My point is, I got Humm Suspicious after repeated listens. I mean huh!!! Beyonce wants to quit her job? What virusGPT is running all these artists and personalities over with its dedication and dynamic spunkiness!

I remember, back in the ancient, ancient time

of 2019,

People (oh you know them, they are called, I watched Wolf of the Wall Street for my MBA final project and got an A, sweeping generalization obviously) used to tell me,

  • be humble.
  • You are infinitely replaceable.
  • Stick to what you have.
  • Don’t be greedy.
  • OM.
  • Manifesto.
  • Gritudo.
  • Nomu nomu kora.
  • Tumatkoi boyokhat dangor tekhet.
  • Who do you think you are?


Some corporate dinosaur trendbot


Some we don’t see race jackmoron

Deepika Padukone!!!

Some incel that refused to hire me cuz I won’t help him get his nut at 4 am on exam week




Long story short

At first I did love Content Writing 
Now I just want my cheque 
Late night thinking of when they gonna pay me
Until I get my 

Ohhh, tell somedy
You go tell somebody
Write your content C*****
Write your content
Write yo

*Blocked on whatsapp*
This is our India.

Reference : Wesley's Theory, This is America

So yeah good Bharat mata, (and it’s pujoniyo hoinik’s) now my online services aren’t free.

Never were but, ya’know. Who makes people write a 1000-word sample with the tag-

” Just Be Creative with it.”

Sometimes I don’t even get a Bleep-bloop, not selected because we need a better writer, because, umm, uhhh, GPT. We need GPT. I mean, no we know how to use GPT, but we’d rather you did it for us, you know, we’ll pay you,

How about 0.05 paisa per word?

Back when I was broke I thought

Oh my GOd WOW!!!

0.05 paisa per word.


Hello rich people.

David is joining you.

Yes I’ll hold.

By this rate if I do 1000 words a day, I’ll have 1500 rupees a month.

And if I do 2000 a day, I’ll make 3000 a month.

If I do 3000…

By 66.666666666… 666666… 6666666… 7 months, oh sparkle and whatever other angelic emoji you can find..

I’ll be a lakhpati.


If I don’t spend a penny and don’t die out of starvation for some godunforesaken reason.

On a different not,

I watched Tumbbad.

And a little bit of Aamis.

Probably would wanna review them, if my procrastination goes to Taylor’s to walk the graveyard.



I'm me. Enough said.

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