So, I am on Social Media, but I don’t really wanna be bothered.

I quit using Social Media, I mean I, oh avoid the Shutterstock watermark, won’t you.

Yeah, I try not to use social media as much as I can.

But if you still wanna, here.


I am very unprofessional there.

If you wanna be my friend, I suggest either hiring me through… I suggested Upwork but, umm, you know never mind.

Here’s a fun hack you can try if you have the means to.

  1. Go to your University’s group dedicated to recruitment news.
  2. Spam them with messages that look like you are trying to recruit/pitch something to them that competes the University model.
  3. You know what

Why don’t I write a full article about it? To the professional-looking account Robin.


Let’s hope the world doesn’t die before we do, yeah?

Hail Sobek.

Uhhhhhh… Revolution for Freedom of Choice how fun.

Bihu is going on and ya’ll know what that’s code for. Yes, misery. Just waiting I guess… You know what at this point… I am tempted to just start falling into the whole manifestation rabbit hole again but I know how that turned out last time so I’ll refrain.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to… IDK, help me get rid of what and why I feel like this every day, IDK, I’m open to most offers at this point. Just no scammy and exploitative ones, please. Thanks. Hope we all make it through this billionth catastrophe. Complaining does make me feel a little bit better thank you. I’ll go eat and scream in a pillow for a while.

How to Actually Get in Touch with Us

If you wanna talk about this blog and anything you’d like me to cover:

Here’s me on Medium.

I am on Patreon too but, I am kind of still figuring that out.

If you just wanna chat about pop culture and stuff: Follow me on Social media. I am very inactive there.

Guest Posts and Writing for Us

Think our voices express something you’ve been trying to get out of yourself?

I spent most of my waking hours writing content for blogs and journals pretending to be functional websites since late 2018.

I think it’d be super fun if somebody just wanted something they wrote to exist on my blog.

So yeah, I encourage you to reach out.

Please don’t IDK pitch us a vitamin that is so GadDamn cool that it makes people turn into GigaChads. I lean more towards- let’s all of us lose our hair collectively (and feeling comfortable with no hair you know, a lot of my favorite senpais are bald, and a lot of them wear wigs) so comb makers can stop killing elephants.

So yeah, you can mail us at

Let’s pretend I didn’t try running another useless beauty website and just opened that Gmail account for scambaiting.