Let ME Tell Ya’ll About the Starman.

Starman By the Greatest singer of all time, please be as delusional as me

So, back in the wonderful Wonderful year of, 2019 obviously, the last year when we all could be GAY (happy, as the olden goldens called it) together, I fell in love. *sigh Emoji*

With what or who? If you are Iman (my iman – Meaning GOD I Forgot, my translation software is off when I am talking to MOM NAT, I think it is like courage/humanity, I am so Sorry if I am wrong) I’d say Lexi, the BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL girl who thought she was a year older than she actually was.

If you are Dunkin then I’d probably say, “Honey, I’m done playing Tesla. Let the prestige go to Stephanie. It’s fine if she wears my makeup. We can get along with Lorde now. I’m kinda done with my androgynous, Europian everyman bit, for the moment obviously, if somebody needs me to, I will wear a dress, if I FEEL LIKE IT.”

Does it mean I actually am the reincarnation of the Late David Bowie???

If we do the Math, I’d say no.

I was born way too young to be David, Mr. Davy Jones I mean. But I was friends with a lot of people who CAN Cosplay as all of them, I am one of the Midnight Children, ONE of them.

You’ll always find someone who wants to cosplay as Freddie instead of Mr. Jones. You’ll always find one who’d wanna be Gene, and you’ll never run out of anyone who wants to play MICK, Jagger I mean. The richest man (I assume he still is) from one of the most BELOVED bands of all time. You’ll find many that wants to play Keith too *laugh emoji* Rock and Roll and partying is fun.

Why is Mr. Jones MY favourite musician of all time then?

Oh, let’s Dance. That’s the first (probably) song I ever heard. It wasn’t my favourite, I’ll admit it. But, here’s the thing… Don’t we all hate what we first create???

The song that stuck to my head was starman. And no, it wasn’t anything that particular, but it was.

You know the (I probably am lying) somewhat 1st attention grabbing article I clicked on was the one where he was explaining Bisexuality to a straight reporter. And, God Damn, Fuck all em Lobsters Natalie, that was funny.

I am NOT SURE if that article is STILL FUNNY huh!!! after all these years.

They do be saying I am gone huh!!! *Fine I’ll laugh*

It was a serendipidous moment when I accidently found two incredibly beautiful and talented creators named *eye roll emoji* Todd Nathnson (Yeah, Lucas Graham Hater, you my son now, don’t make Lindsey cry) and Lindsey Elis, internet favourite punching bag, oops I meant wine mom. Still getting High as the Nostalgia Chick, no matter how many masks she takes off.

There’s a song called “Butterfly”, by Crazy Town. There’s a tiny little Riff in there, *laugh*, Riff Raff, Tim Curry, see, this could have been the best SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE, but, oh, what a shame, for me it kinda does feel like #yes_All_Games Diiiiiipppppprrrreeeessssiiiooooonnn Quest *Shrug Emoji*.

Dream of Californation Kids, not “THAT” healthy. We all live by some River, and London Drowns, pretty often.

Tayler Waves couldn’t save the world from Californication kids, neither could Cobain, so, maybe we all SHOULD blaming Courtney!!!

With a name like Dani California, how could Rick find RiRi in a crowd.

Fenty still b beautiful though, yeah CoffeeZilla? You got any NFTs Bro? You #FUDDing?? Or you Gonna Hold?

Anetra is my favourite drag queen this season BABY. Go tell Mama Ru. I’ll fight Lux in all 40 inches if I need to. That’s the real Tea sis.


Magic Magic, Click, click, What color is harris’s wig? What is my Mom’s real name? Abi? Or Nat?

Am I Ema or Norman Mother’s Basment? What does Super Eyepatch wolf say? Is he Playing Donkey Kong with Kayfabe Uncle? Or is he out like that time Khadija aunty was when she went *laughs* to get her teeth fixed. *laughs* Why did Chris Brown hurt Rihanna? And Why didn’t Bee, Kevin still loves Bee I hope. Ayyy, Mr. Moon, Imma name my dog after you and Jacob. Can ya’ll tell Eric and sunwoo to Stop fighting already?

Labor day parade, Rest in peace, Bob Marley!!!


What’s the point.

Vogue Madonna, won’t you, Paris is still burning!!! *Laugh*

Why Lindsey??

I have no idea?

Why Todd?

Nope, it still doesn’t work that way.

Breadtube, Oreoverse, I’ve heard em all. You call me an incel, I’ll clap, you call me a martyr, I’ll cry.

1947, 15, and 25, what’s the point.

Why SHOULD’NT we call ourselves The UNITED STATES OF INDIA already??

“America tu Banpani hoi, Assam… Baad Dya he.”

Modern English I melt with you and Tujhe Dekha toh ye Jana Sanam sounds and looks the same to ME.

I’ve seen the difference. I say, the more we keep delaying it, @Phill, help me out here!!!

We do #CAA every year. We select new faces to die every year.

But the question always come back to *laugh*

Which Backstreet Boy’s GAY?

Todd Likes Space age Love songs better than I ran!!!

What’s the point*laugh*.

I scambaited the famous scammaiting Youtuber by referencing Saffron *laugh* what’s the point.

I was falling in love back in 2014. Does it matter if I really was in love? Toddddddd? Toddddddd? Marry Lindsey! I DARE you.

I just Ran? I ran all night and day? Couldn’t get away? ADDDDDDDDUUUUUUMMMMM? Go slap Scoot!!!

Who is StrucciMovies?

I say it’s a tiny, disgusting, alien, oh I forgot to mention, illegal at that *laugh* who just hates, do I even need to tell you which movie at this point?

ADUM, you Gay horse, You better have my Money. I did marry You for a Green Card!!!

The next thing I remember about Mr. Davy Jones were his nails. And the guy he was with. I replayed his interview where he imitated Mick, yeah, he still be David. How many Grammarly do I gotta use?

Gosh darm ADUM!!! Maybe stop Gael from being racist to Dan, Dan, and Dan alone!!! Ugh.

Meet me at our Spot was Todd’s favourite song one of the best year lists. Oh boy, I DID forget which one, bet I am cute as an EXPIRED coupon huh Katy. Boom Boom, Lucas Graham.

Madonna, go marry Charlie, from Moistcritical!!! Or the one from Daredevil!!! I be Keep feeling fascination. The Hoomn League.

Toddstradu… Todd!!! Fix that in post? I’m tired of playing the witch. I wanna be an alpha hating Soy boy like YOU, and, DAN, and HARRY.

How do I quote so many references in such a short amount of time? Am I really a witch?

Ask Elon Musk I guess? Or that Astrophysicst, the one, you know, the one, Internet Historian, Sumito, that guy, the video game redemption video, ugh, ya’ll fix it in post. Don’t let Pompousness win tho.

The once I love, I’ll keep them the mysterious one. BGPT gets 1 pass, Roll no 67 gets infinite passes. His name is Jim, from the Office, and he IS Boring. He read, I meant Played Sims instead of hitting on me, and, ugh, yeah, Poor old Jonny Ray, Eileen is mine (Don’t ya’ll dare). Come on Rolling Stoes fans, generate some sympathy for the devil won’t you?

There’s 1 riff in StarMan that sounds different in the Tops of Pops performance, and the official remastered version. Yeah, that one. I am that one. I’ll float on a tin can and fix my Rs if I need to, let em Proclaim my name.

Thank You,



I'm me. Enough said.

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