My Projects

I’ve been a part of the Ghostwriting team of More blogs than I can count at this Point. And no I am not proud of any of that.

The reason should be simple enough. Web3, or whatever it is called at this point, is not what I was promised when I was… Gamergate is still a real thing, no, no, not online, in real life, and it still offends me. On a personal level, I mean. Nobody needs to worry about it though. It’s not like I’m gonna make songs out of it like Taylor does so you should be good, random ex-whoever.

What I am doing right now

I am writing a Children’s play based on, this

Yes, I am aware, but, that whole car crash phenomenon that was the 2019 movie made me feel incredibly unsatisfied. Do I think the world deserves any more Half live action, half-CGI abomination? No. That’s why I’m obsessed with it. I watched Maggie May Fish’s (can you tell why I am so obsessed with Youtube and its legendary personalities) video, and I want to contribute my two cents to it. If it blows up on my face, so be it, as my art-persona dad once said it, “I’d rather fail spectacularly than be boring.” And Cats, the book is a pretty safe bet to fail.

I am Also Trying to survive. Unemployment is Hard

I am trying to get through my unemployment by doing what every 20-something-year-old does, I’m trying to be Bo Burnham.

I’m also (ugh) manifesting myself into the next season of Drag Race. Yeah! Yeah! I gotta get my Mean Girl ness out, right now I’m just taking it out on innocent homophobes, Karens, and Queerphobes, and my poor parents. *sigh* Yeah, this Non-Binary Biromantic Asexual will hopefully be scared straight, any time now! I’m four-five seconds from turning straight and having ’em babies. Oh, oh is that TMI, I’m sorry, yeah, apparently Jesus did die for my sins huh! Can you shut up, you may die too.

Goal for Now

Well, surviving, this wave seems, quite long, and relentless, and repetitive. For now, I wanna not to be sad, not feel… I bet that’s TMI huh! Fine.

Personally, right now I just want each and every, that’s too much to ask for isn’t it, I’ll adjust my requirements.

Right now, all I want for myself is, a fixed sleep schedule, and a job if possible. Don’t get me wrong, I work but, yikes, I guess 10$ per hour is too high a price for someone like me. I don’t know what to do but be disappointed. London keeps drowning and, don’t we all at one point or another, live by the river!

It’ll be easier if I just gave up and say that I secretly do like… that 1 Oscar Winner movie.

– The Contrarian CatGirl Simp

But Everything Everywhere has one of the best Portrayals of Mother-Daughter Relationships and Queer Love of all time… I like Lady Bird too.

– Me after snatching Taylor’s mic, back in 2009 VMAs

Hey Hayden, I’m ready to be a CEO right now… can’t wait to work, just need a working contract.

Also Turing… Sorry, but I had to. Imma study real hard though, you see how I live right.

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