So Apparently I am Voting NEXT YEAR.


But… since we gotta ask a question, WORLD, when is next year going to arrive?

~TSwizzle’s fav lyricist.

To be honest… I don’t think Elon Musk is THAT evil.

To be Really Really honest. I don’t think Joanne is that evil either. You know who is though?

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A quote by MY and NOT yours Philosophy MOM

A Guide On How To Get To Hell, By Your Personal Fav Satan

If you want to feel hopeless, just as hopeless as I feel, go to HELL.

It’s located here.

Chhaygoan, Rajoh Circle Office, Kamrup (Rural), Assam, 781141.

Ask them for an OBC certificate. Tell them you work online because a pandemic just swept the whole nation over.

If they look at you like a CRIMINAL THEY think you are (oh I seen it, I’ve been there on… IDK what is that LARGE daft AUTO(maticless)Mobile…. same as it ever was USELESS) play this song at them.

Make sure you are wearing MAGA hat.

Oh, no no, it ain’t white supremacist. This time MAGE Means…

Make ASSAM (you know kind, corruption free, humane) GREAT AGAIN

All I gotta say is, maybe, maybe, if you don’t know, and I do mean, YOU don’t KNOW, who or what MAC is about,

maybe don’t quote KENDRICK LAMER lyrics at me.

We have our own Kendricks and Asaps that you and let go of. They make me sad. Just one reason, I don’t speak much Assamese or Hindi. You know that languages I do speak???


Don’t worry Olivia. We’ll make Don’t worry Darling better when I get there. Keep Miss Pugh safe for me till then.

~David Wynn


I'm me. Enough said.

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