So, Guardian of the Galaxy, Post Credit, Humm!!! 500…

I will never thru the R away

So, who are these Guardians of the Galaxy? Humm? I AI, asked myself for the Xavir’th time. (500)

Wait till you're announced
We've not yet lost all our graces
The hounds will stay in chains
Look upon Your Greatness and she'll
Send the call out, send the call out
Send the call out, send the call out
Send the call out, send the call out
Send the call out, send the call out
Send the call out, send the call out
Send the call out, send the call out
~Lorde (to Nexpo, Barely Sociable, and aki, with love, and the one I was looking for...)

The Tragedy Hidden Behind Aesthetics, and the Lack Thereof

So, my history on the Internet is no mystery…

Um… is it obvious I applied to a horrible “ANIMATED STORIES CHANNEL FOR KIDS” back in you the the ye olden days… 2019.

As in, I’m okay with small mistakes, if you made one phone recharge I’ll pay you back. But if you repeatedly disrespect me, I’ll just talk in Taylor Swift lyrics???

Have you ever thought about… obsession, you know in an unhealthy amount?

Did you just say BTS.

Oh, you uncultured rube, let me give you a way better example:

Cuz what I am actually in love with, is this moron-

huh!!! lol, what is that Mr. PeanutButter, the face of Narcissism or something???

Because you know… I could have given you a way better example in a song what I actually want. Here:

what is that one of the best songs from Girl’s day or something, at least symbolically, for me right now???

Happiness, Crush, and Joy

An iconic song from an iconic band

So, my dad, well, one of them, at this point, I am not NOT Hollyhawke Manhyme, Manhyme, I forgot, Where’s rehab, who’s the Weekend Mubble Rap FungeNelly RobinSon, De, Cuz, And more…

But I secretly do have 1 favorite dad. Their name is, youtube’s best moosic critic of all time. And I haven’t seen them for so long.

They used to tell me, Tee, honey!!! if you study, one day, you’re gonna find what’s in your heart and you’ll be the happiest bejeweled maiden in the whole world, and I said… but dad five years, also 7. Is mom okay, I heard ponytails aren’t that good for your skull you know, she must be hurting, why won’t you tell them you love them like you tell me, is it cuz???

Time Travel Isn’t Real, But It is

The Proclaimers are one of the best bands Ireland has ever had. While that is an understatement, I don’t think I am in any obligation to correct it. If I had to, I’d say, maybe change the word Ireland with… IDK Brittain, because you know, UK is supposed to be United, just like another United front that would soon pop up and create the Pandora’s box known as TECH MONOPOLIES.

To be really really honest, I don’t think Mark is evil. When I hear it from Lex Luthor, who I think is related to my Uncle, SuperMan Cera, I believe Mark, almost completely. But when I hear it from Mark though, I don’t think they have any idea what they have created.

Call Out My Name~ Able, & I guess ME.

Every kid is special, however, not every kid has the same ability to learn and understand things. Dyslexia is a mental disability that hinders a child’s ability to learn, read and write. However, having dyslexia does not mean that the child will forever be behind on his academic performance. Many kids who possess this disability have shown that they too are capable of shining as bright as any normal student with a little bit of extra help.

However if not carefully handled, the problem can affect the patient all life long.

What is Dyslexia

In simple words, dyslexia is a learning disability. Dyslexia is associated with a delay in the ability to spell, write, read, and learn. Dyslexia is often associated with low IQ. In reality, a child with dyslexia might or might not possess a normal IQ and normal vision. The problem lies in their ability to understand languages, specifically letters or alphabets. While the exact reason that can cause dyslexia is still debatable, the reason is related to hereditary factors. The genes a child possesses can greatly determine whether the kid has the risk of suffering from dyslexia.

That’s a direct quote from my “LAST” blog. I would like to advice that YOU, do not go though it. It is full of, what I hate most.

Misinformation & Disinformation.

I’d rather you watch that Youtube video. Life ain’t fair, I know, but did you know??? Info Colonization, we’re just standing Right on the edge of that, and my humble reader, this personal blog by this severely unwell person might, (IT IS) be the last straw to stopping, Yes, AI WAR, the one the biggest Tech companies are fighting right now.

Truth Isn’t Grey, It’s Bi-Romantic

Chapter 1: Tessa

Hey, Pheobe.

Yes, you with the beautiful Neck.

I’ve never watched Westworld.

That’s not completely true though. I read Dolores’s pain when I saw that guy from Marilyn Manson.

And I though… was that Lisa Bonet, or somebody who looked liked her who died… again, in season… what again???

I wish Valkyrie was real. I wish Valkyries didn’t all die but one, because I bet, I bet every time I think about Tess, it must be exhausting being the only Valkyrie and handling all of Hulk’s temper tantrums.

Hey my beautiful priest, do you, yes you, kind of sort of understand why I don’t find Chris and Liam “THAT” attractive? You though, my love, I’ll star in a thousand Killing Eves, perform a million stuns, write a bazillion Chernobyl, and more… just to brag to my friends once that I saw the standup first. But I didn’t. I watched the show and followed the foxes. And I ask myself every day. If you my beautiful priestess are my gravity, then why am I having such a hard time to find MY sanity?

You my funny priestess, made me laugh with every jump cut, every coincidence, with every awkward smile you made to the camera, and my heart. Broke. when, I saw YOUR priest get back together with Harry’s hero. Sherlock.

Ya’ll remember when THIS “used to be” a #CONSPIRACY_THEORY

Oh freedom and BBC, why couldn’t you find me when I wasn’t ace. I could’ve met my Zelda. I could’ve fallen in love with Miss Buffay. She didn’t have to star in Boss baby but she did so here. To you Disney and Pixar. This is a great movie now, full of easter eggs:

ya’ll really cut the power off when slim was singing for baby slim huh!!!

When Research Starts “LOOKING” Like Obsession

So, umm, energy Drink??? really??? I could’ve made you something way better.

You may not believe me, and it’s okay that you don’t but, when they first started, the Proclaimers weren’t big either. Don’t believe me? Here then, read about them on Wikipedia.

And before you start fighting with me about the “legitimacy of Wikipedia” here’s a video about Canadian tourism.

Oh, you think research is that easy huh!!! I haven’t gotten even a little bit of a Contract to shoot any video or anything about “Assam Tourism though”. So, you have to listen to a true story I tell you right now.

True Story Tea Time

So, nobody listens to techno no more. But I did. You wanna know why? Because aesthetics, everything has it. You, me, your ex, my useless exes, the people that made me feel like I dated them without even buying me idk, water. All of it is crushing my heart like, here, they, as it, the Corporation, and the millions of hearts they hold because of the power they hold over, you, me, and themselves will tell you,

deepika padukone Guardian of the Galaxy
I’m sorry Piku, but every night, I’ve been cleaning out my closet.

Badminton used to be my favorite game. I remember there used to be an Assamese magazine called, Xafura, where they used to print stories about “ICONIC WOMEN”. And I saw you there. Along with her.

I thought she looked wonderful. And I asked myself if I could be like her, but no… you know what I was supposed to do?


For, oh no not for me, for the good of…


So, umm, right now, 4:20, INDIAN Standard Time, I am having to blow through a lot of whistles to tell you this, so I hope you are taking me seriously. It used to be way easier when I lived in Bordumsa and was a child. Yes, dream of IIT, not film school, I think that’s the lesson they wanted me to take, but, you know what I learned?

Chapter 2 : Tee

It is exausting alawys rooting for
A female anti hero
I took to blogging
Like taylor is rerecording 
SPEAK NOW Right now.

G20 meeting: India criticised for holding event in Kashmir | Watch (

And we lost. Again. for telling the truth. To protect our Patriarchy. Life came at us swiftly and we let it.

And I didn’t go home to get food cuz I ran out of bus fare.

Good night.

Hope you are happy. I’m waiting for five years to be over.

Credits and Acknowledgement

David Wynn/ Tee_the_Unpaid_Intern

Recommended Playlist

Five years – Bo Burnham

Sunflower – From Spider-Verse… Sony Pictures

I’d like to acknowledge myself, for running out of money and not lying about it. I’d like to acknowledge myself for not punching the ATM that is right next to me for not working. I hoped SBI would have competent working ATMs but oh well. I’d like to acknowledge Watch Nebula for supporting my favorite creators, Youtube for providing them a free platform, and, humm, ColdFusion.TV for helping me study. I’d like to thank Susan, for being themselves. And of course, Article 19 A (a) for, the wonderfully safe experience I get to live, being free.

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Oh keyword research may be dead, I’m not. Also only watched half of the movie, I’m guessing I should just watch Peacemaker, and I’ll catch up to most of what happened, poke me on social media if I’m wrong. Taylor babe, I ain’t stopping until we are endgame yeah. Cause, oh, the same one. LGBTQIA+


I'm me. Enough said.

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