So… The Secret To Glam ROCK Iz… 10 Reasons Fleabag…. Good? Nah!??

This Iggy Pop (glam rock icon) impersonator

Hey Frankie, take me to Hollywood.

So, that’s how much… MY data habits cost.

I may try looking like a Congressman or whatever, at the end of Universe the truth is, I wanna write Daredevil. Yes, Because I love Karen. Way more than Charlie, Foggy, or IDK who was the season 3 villain Colin Firth or something, I was way to busy looking at this…

Clue 1

And My AI, Me Went… Heh???

Chris Pine

Then My Uncle AARON.

I mean… I think Grankle Stan already told him… The SUITS are NON-Refundable, even if you burn them by accident, you’re still gonna have to pay for it

The Final Clue

That’s Wonder Woman… I swear

So, I called up my cousin Steve… HARRY, yes, Styles, to write a song about it which goes…

something like this.

Wait a second.

*paused mouth emoji*

That moron chose to write about a Sushi restaurant instead.

*hand slapping head emoji*

Oh conspiracy brain… why won’t you stop thinking everyone is trying to sabotage you, who raised you?


Personally, I think the Iggy Pop impersonator we saw first likes this person.

BAT-MAN. Step away, Bruch Affleck… you’re too old to be the richest man in the Universe.

But… I ain’t fighting Luke Cage. I mean, I’m fine with Jessica too, but I think she likes Todd, who, is

*deep breath* ALSO… related to me.

Yes Uncle


Sabotages everyone.

Also, to be honest bros, I am fine with Electra. And I totally get how and why Uncle Matt is infatuated with them. I may not be Dove Camaron’s lookalike that Princess Carolyn ran to find when Bojack told… I am losing my story thread…

To quote another Iconic character that I think of as a little bit ace coded… or you know they were young, so… I’ll just put the quote in, we are not supposed to obsess over child actors, we are supposed to obsess over, pop starlets, like, oh IDK, my lawfully wedded wife at this point right, her name is 13, ehhh… * sideshow BOB noises* HERE, Here’s the quote:

To Stable and Lori, Long Live

“Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn’t mean she’s your soul mate.”

— Anna Wong, Volunteer

If you didn’t realize it so far… these are just cooky fan theories and on-the-record stuff in Marvel’s Superhero series made in collaboration with Netflix. I like many… MANY… MANY other fans were heartbroken when THE LOBSTER didn’t get a satisfying ending (and No, THE BATMAN does not count, what are ya’ll shipsailers? What’s your fav movie let me guess “THE suicide Squad” not Suicide Squad… You… Go fight my Furry Horse Uncle, he may not like Lady Bird as much as I do, but I still love him) because we, the individual know what the Lobster is about…

It’s about…

Nicolas Cage.


Real actual footage of me freaking out in Salt Brook Academy and Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar, Prakash Kumar Naayk Sir’s presentation… maybe 5th semester

Also if anyone says or even acknowledges the Alarmy Watermark on my beautiful patriarch’s face Jesus will get ya. I know him, yes personally… Here’s a Wikipedia link to that.


Umm… J. J. I… am just using the hell out of… IDK man… I’ll get you something when I… one day for sure. Canada, why does this Lisa Simpson impersonator loves you so much, we as a SOCIETY will never know.

So, for Glam Rock’s sake… Proceed… but only if you dare.

But before that…

Part 1: David

So, the truth is… Freddie wasn’t the only one who went slightly mad once, the thing is… Freddie got taken away from us… but God, Jesus, Lord!!! Krishna, (not me, I’m David now) whatever you wanna call them, they, didn’t take, EVERYONE.

I, slightly seem to remember, Justin Bieber, Lord!!! yeah, got added to the list of the most beautiful woman of Ehhh… ya’ll must remember that.

You know what I remember. Mr. Payne, going on a Podcast by an unnamed host because, ugh!!! do I have to say that name??? I’ll just call them GreenDale and SmallDale from now on okay!!!

So yeah Liam, who, at this point talking or thinking about makes me a little bit very really sad. So, let me tell you a much more fun story, from the maybe, it was the 80s.

Gnarls Barkley – Think Twice (That’s my Only Advice) [BLESS your SOUL though]

Appendix 1.1: MENSA and the Ink Blot Test… & How Reliable it Might be, and Something… A Little Bit Darker

But before all that… here are some words from a STRANGER I do not, and I REPEAT, I do not know at all.

Just wanna chip in a buck? Thanks, kind person!

My dad, maybe… how am I supposed to know what do you think I like wearin

So, with those we start, with some brief history, after, a small, food break.

It’s Kinda Like I’m RAISED by Gamer BROZ… ZZZ…zzz or Something.

so, to pay homage to my DAREDEVIL. I am going to keep this, in.

Re: MENSA and the Ink Blot Test… & How Reliable it Might be, and Something… A Little Bit Darker

Luke, from Modern Family once talked about the MENSA TEST, coincidently on Ellen.

I watched in and thought, humm… maybe I should go to

Yes, the internet, and prove t myself that I am not dumb.

For that decision that day, I was about like, 17, I think Salt Brook Academy was really fun, and Mock tests, Lord!!! Have they heard of Mensa? Just for 500 more Dollars, I could have been part of a pretentious Institution.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know, now, and a little bit then, MENSA, for what matters in life, isn’t, THAT important. But you know what, do you know how much it cost me to SURVIVE Salt Brook Academy? Way more than 42,000 rupees.

So, what did I learn from all that?

  1. Be pretentious, but not TO YOUR TEACHERS, because they’ll out-pretentious you, they have all the money you paid them to keep you alive.
  2. Be DUMB. That way the teacher will HAVE the PERFECT excuse to take out THEIR Life’s frustrations and angers on you. Your elders and SENIORS can NEVER be Wrong, only YOU can be WRONG (DEAD WRONG, ever heard of BULLyi… Uhhhm, RaGGIN… ehhhmm…. OFFICIAL INTROD… *flower emoji* HOSTEL INTRODUCTIONS *sunshine emoji*) AT following their ADVICES and WELL-WISHES
  3. Don’t speak English. Just don’t Speak. And if they laugh at you for it. Laugh with them.
pink floyed's the wall reference

RE: Now A Little Bit Darker

Glam rock

It’s not exactly Midnight, but close enough ayy, Taylor.

So, dear Non-existent reader, did you know, Colleges and education Institutes are SUPPOSED to provide Data, because, they already charge you for it, for the year?

Now I, the whitest Karen this nation has apparently seen, like EVER, don’t want you kids to complain and say… ooohhhh… but Juggardh, I use Airtel, it gives me free data.


Dis ya’ll know? There was a Data revolution, before your time, yes, in Guwahati too. Did you know what I used those 4GB Daily free HP, HD, PVC, QVC, WTF, BBB, CCC data for? No?

I think a much more interesting question to ask would be,


AI Research feed…

Did you know…

There are not one, not 2, not a thousand, but,

It’s Midnight Taylor. I was thinking about you back then. It was 2017, so I was kinda into Bo, and I was edgy.

I also saw Zelda first back in that year I think. And Zelda still is as beautiful as I saw her that day. I don’t care what ya’ll call Zelda. A lot of people call Zelda Alia Bhatt, cuz, Highway. But, me nah…

I call ’em


So yeah. It offends to me to no END, yes. NO. END. When I share Zelda herself talking about Asexuality, because I know, I know, I fucking know, to somebody, mostly, I don’t share Zelda with anybody, trust me, half of ya’ll can’t even… estimate the amount of RESPECT I have for Zelda.

I got a little bit sidetracked there so…

The secret to writing an epic Glam Rock song is…

  1. *Deep sigh* Physics. No. I won’t believe you if you told me more than 80% CIT, Kokrajhar knows how to RESPECT women. And yes I am including women in there. And yes, I am very much including myself… what the hell do YOU think I am not human?
  2. Employment… pffffffffffttttttttt… *and then I died laughing*
  3. MLMs… hmmm… Yeah so, how much am I getting respected tomorrow again?
  4. Any places you should visit? Oh yeah hell. It’s popularly known as the BOY’s Hostel. I bet half of the population in there RIGHT NOW are high on their own SHIT. And I wouldn’t be surprised to find out tomorrow that it was actual human feces. What? I don’t need time travel to remember how boys live. Trust me. I am one.

I could have written amazing glam rock if I dated someone there. But… Oh well, do you want me to tell you,

They didn’t even provide the Data, that we paid for…

So, I in my glam rock tradition, oh yes honey I am, these are public knowledge, at least it should be, NO. We didn’t have proper wifi back then.

As much as I respect *pfft Lord, ay DareCharlie you my witness yeah, you live in Florida I am guessing* My teachers

No, RDK sir. No AVM sir, you studied in USA, so I am guessing you know, YOU SHOULD at this point, how HOMOPHOBIA, RACISM, and MYSOGYNY work.

Let me give you one example.

Thanks for the FOOD ENGINEERING degree, but life, kinda passed me by… quiet SWIFTLY.

So, I’d like to answer The QUESTION I asked on 1/30/2023 with this.

Part 2: Disney, Songs To be More Specific, Are… Kinda Beautiful

Youtube Personality. Philosopher, one of my personal favorites.

Their NAME is Kadija Mbowe. And they are beautiful. MY Kayfabe Uncle told me. Ya’ll though.

LORD!!! if a Nuclear WAR ends #CAA, I hope you end UNEMPLOYMENT Huh 1st

Ya’ll wanna know what my favorite Glam rock song is?


I personally think Tiana, from Disney, is wonderful.

I have way more memories of singing along with Tiana. I was young when that came out.

And even I knew back then.


What prince Nabeen.

Tina would do way better with someone like

IDK… a Glam rock guitar hero or something, Anetra or something whatever. I ain’t flirting. I like Philosophy what can I say.

No shade to Outcast though, Hey yeah is a Hood classic I bet, but so is Babie, and that takes us back to…

Oh hell…

Degenerocity is gonna slap me if they ever meet me right?

No worry though bro, I’ll make you a nice mixtape, just to avoid dat. With an added condition that, you let me borrow a couple of your subscribers, still no popularity fame though, just bein real. I got like 2 Subscribers it’s beyond pathetic.

Personal Opinion But…

Does anyone feel weirdly nostalgic for shows that end after 2 seasons right, NOW.

Fleabag, Tuca & Bertie, (even though we don’t count the 2nd season) The Promised Neverland, COMMUNITY, you know, you NERDS, and by nerds I mean, Troy, and Jesus, Firefly wasn’t the only show that people sued, and defrauded courts and networks over. I watched Suits. I know why PEOPLE thought FIREFLY ended too soon.

Oh, and I may not have watched that Bruce Wills movie but… I watched the honest commentary so for the sake of Hooman kind, I, AI, would like to, for once and all express MY SNOWFLAKY and entirely unique opinion and say…


Hey Gene, and the other popular KISS member. Maybe let me, watch teeny-bopper stuff and collaborate with teeny-bopper idols, that goes for you too, Mr yee haw Marbrow man. Or not, at least, stop shilling cigarettes, they are bad.

So I, David the Glam rock Spider would like to end this whatever this was by saying… I think I want to finish my Glam Rock Era before I am 26, otherwise, it is a bit… not very PC you know. Ideally, I would have liked to get over with it when I was like IDK 7. I knew I was not gonna be into the weird stuff ya’ll adults call familying back then. Hey, some of us just like hairspray and guitar because it is cool, not because we want chicks. Because, Glam rock, to me right now, it is a phrase, but true rock and roll, just like House’s love for Willson will never die.

Cuz me, Taylor, Annie, Tyler, Donald, and weirdly Pierce, we’re not sure, at least not yet what our favourite glam rock era bowie is. Because we still don’t know, if the Kimono WAS actually Orange.

I don’t know about Pierce, but I personally hope, I’ll never find out.

Credits and Acknowledgement:

Tiny Little authors note: While I, the Individual and the AI, can read and write shit about my lawfully wedded wife 13, I, personally can not look old Bollywood actresses, most of them in the eye. Some, yes, some jakhm, nope, not digging that, not me at least, not RIGHT NOW. Ya’ll will find a million other women and men who regularly go through Sunny’s wiki though. And other old actresses. I’m quite comfortable digging Academic “chatting scandals”, MARK’s records, and Marvel and Disney conspiracy theories. So, with that, I with full respect to Liza am saying good night for this working day. As an unpaid intern, I personally this has been quite, IDK, something. Have a good day now. Hope ya’ll are happy. Mien Herr dear senators, no sanam chandni ke piche though… no no no, not yet Mr Singh. Your eyes are way bluer than me right now at least.

Written by:

David Wynn/ Tee_the_Euphamist


I’ll add them later, I gotta watch ADUM’s movies are fine actually, and fall asleep

Recommended Glam Rock Playlist:

Just 1 song—— You spin me right round: 0:24- 0:28, why don’t you put it on repeat and manifest your destiny huh!!! (Too cocky?? I think that’s kinda funny)

Fine… Yummy, the GOOD version.

For the Crawl (kinda rhymes with prawl) BOTS

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Good Night Nala. I hope I’lll see you in Broadway

. Soon.


I'm me. Enough said.

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